Asian Leaf Turtle
Scientific name : Cyclemys dentata


Asian Leaf Turtle

The habitat of Asian Leaf Turtle

South Indian ~ southeast Asia.

The feed of Asian Leaf Turtle


Meat(Lever,The meat which does not have the oil is given)

Fish and shrimp (dry shrimp), formula feed, dry fish.

Asian Leaf Turtle eat regardless often.

The size of Asian Leaf Turtle


The Keeping water temperature of Asian Leaf Turtle

I raise at 25-30.The heater is needed.

The activity of Asian Leaf Turtle

Asian Leaf Turtle from the time where it exceeds 15cm goes to the deep place. But, the turtle basic the shallow place and passes with the land.

In the turtle which I raise, most it has been accustomed to me well. I can do the feed by the hand, extent have been accustomed.

Individual difference probably is certain, but I think that it is the turtle which is accustomed well.

Asian Leaf Turtle being appetite excellent, snatches the feed which the other turtle eats quickly. But, Asian Leaf Turtle is the turtle of calm character.

The shell of Asian Leaf Turtle as in name is flat roundly.

As for Asian Leaf Turtle as for the head it is small vis-a-vis the body. But, Asian Leaf Turtle is the wise turtle.

The note of Asian Leaf Turtle

If your turtle is the individual below 10cm, your turtle is not necessary to make the deep place in the tank.

Asian Leaf Turtle rises to the land well and turtle like sunlight bath. Therefore, as for the land place of the cage larger one is good.

The turtle which I have raised often eats the feed even at the land place. Therefore, when making the formula feed eat which absorbed the water into the turtle at the land place it is.

Turtle eats with anything. But, the food which is cooked to the turtle you do not have to give. It becomes the cause the turtle dying quickly.

Because Asian Leaf Turtle becomes large, the tank which is larger than the 90cm tank becomes necessary, probably will be.