CPU,Memory,HDD of Computer

When trying, that we probably will buy the computer (the personal computer), in announcement, CPU3.0G Hz or hard disk 600GB, Memory 4G and the like it is written.In this page, with the human as for that whether it is applicable to something agreeing, it explains the terminology of the computer, concerning that meaning.

First, please remember the method of counting the unit and number.
Our Japanese count number with decimal method.
0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, , 100, , 1000.
But, the computer counts number with binary method.
0, 1, 10, 11, 100. 100 of binary one is not hundred. It is one, zero, zero.
As for the computer whether 0 or 1, ON or OFF only counting number finishes.
The extent which you imagine, without being wise. With, I think.

The minimum unit with the computer is 1 bits.
0 or 1 are judged the computer at 1 bits.
1 bits = 0 or 1.
At 1 bits at a time, the units pass to be few excessively. Therefore, as for the computer 8 bits it think as the group of one number. 8 bits are thought 1 bytes.
As for method of counting,
With, the computer keeps counting number basically.
K (kilo), M (mega), G (giga) as for unit,
1 * 8 = 1B(bytes)

K(kilo)bytes 210 = 1,024 bytes
M(mega)bytes 220 = 1,048,576 bytes
G(giga)bytes 230 = 1,073,741,824 bytes
T(tera)bytes 240 = 1,099,511,627,776 bytes

Unit tend uninformed, number being little, because 1000 times it is large, please pay attention to the unit.

The value of CPU has shown the speed of revolution of the head of that computer. The extent where this numerical value is large, that computer revolution of the head is quick. Therefore, it is possible to execute many calculations to brief.
CPU of the computer which I buy in 1997 was 166K (Hz).
But, CPU of the computer which I buy in 2002 was 1.6G (Hz).
The speed of CPU approximately 1000 has become times fast in 5 years.
When with the personal computer which is bought in 1997, laughing java sparrow Piyopy is moved, when the poult is born from the egg, it is visible that the poult has closed the eye properly.
But, when laughing java sparrow Piyopy is moved with the personal computer which is bought in 2002, being too quick, when the poult is born from the egg, it does not understand that the poult has closed the eye.
Hertz(Hz), is the unit no time computer can think in 1 seconds of.
Hertz searching with Internet, please inspect the one which you would like to know in detail concerning the unit of hertz.

The hard disk (HDD), it is about information is remembered.
When you refer to the brain of the human, it is the hippocampus.
It can remember extent and many items of information whose memory capacity of the hard disk is large.
The picture compared to animated picture (the movie) one, very much needs many memory capacities.
1 photographs of the raising diaries of the turtle generally the 100K byte. One animated picture where Star Tortoise eats the pumpkin is 10000 bytes.
The hard disk of the computer which I buy in 1997 is the 1.2G byte. The hard disk of the computer which I buy in 2002 is the 40G byte.

Memory short term is about the computer remember.
Memory of the computer with the human is short term memory. After we there is the extent where reading one time letter of the blackboard in the school, it transcribes in note, don't you think?.
Sentence length at one time can transcribe in note, is capacity of your short term memory.
The person where this short term memory is large very much, at one time short term can remember considerable composition. Therefore, because the speed which is transcribed in note, just looked at one time blackboard than the one whose short term memory is small, almost entirely remembers, it is to be possible to transcribe the letter of the blackboard quickly in note.
Actually, because the speed which moves the hand is each person, it cannot judge with just short term memory. But, if thing just of the head, As for short term memory, it is good to be large.
Then, if memory (short term memory) it enlarges, the hard disk (memory capacity), perhaps it is thought that there is no relationship.
So it is not the gold ball of the squid.
Memory when power of one time computer is turned off, forgets information.
To that, you returning from the school, the letter of the blackboard where you at 13:30 o'clock transcribe in note, in addition transcribing in another note how, it is not possible normally, don't you think?.
Short term memory is that kind of ones.
To that, memory is that I do not know the reason, memory unit cost of 1 bytes being expensive, memory the hard disk compared to is that the beam of price is different.
By the way, the computer and the human, when trying probably to trace the memory which to short term memory is not, access the memory of the hippocampus (HDD).
“That?”When with, you think.
You are to be access the hippocampus.