The difference of Green turtle and Mud turtle

  1. When becoming the adult, final size grows Green turtle nearly 2 times

  2. As for the notion that where size is different, when Keeping, I think as very much important thing. Thinking from the Japanese housing situation, when the Keeping space becomes large, Being able raise the turtle well with the enthusiastic Keeping person, Assuming that there was a certain knowledge, When large gauge becomes necessary, it becomes finally Keeping impossible.
    As for Green turtle maximum shell length 30cm, Mud turtle maximum shell length is average 15cm. Young Green turtle is sufficient the filter and the heater etc and with the 60cm tank which with such as pet shop is cheaply sold with set. But, in 2 and 3 years it becomes the adult and with the 60cm tank is small felt. In case of Mud turtle because even finally it grows to only 15cm rank, Mud turtle becoming in the adult, it can raise with the 60cm tank.
    As for Mud turtle it is optimum in the person who would like to raise the turtle which does not become remainder large.

  3. Green turtle the required quantity of the ultraviolet ray is high

  4. The kind which the sunlight bathes almost in Mud turtle and it does not do the time, Mud turtle the ultraviolet ray fluorescent light almost there is no necessity. Because Green turtle likes sunlight bath and also the ultraviolet ray required quantity is high, the ultraviolet ray fluorescent light by all means is necessary in Keeping. Because as for Mud turtle the ultraviolet ray required quantity is low even in the kind which does sunlight bath, because it is sufficient with lighting of the ultraviolet ray fluorescent light, time is not required for Keeping. In addition, because in the ultraviolet ray fluorescent light the effect is little, it is necessary applying the Green turtle to the sunlight in warm day, time is required for Keeping.

  5. As for Green turtle when being young and when becoming the adult, entire impression is different rather

  6. Young Green turtle is beautiful green color, but as it grows, gradually it fades. As for this according to the taste rather I think. I think that the person who is fascinated by body color keeps changing it is. Or, When vivid green color fades conversely, you think that the one which will be been be disheartened it is.
    Mud turtle does not change like Green turtle becoming the adult, without changing dramatically, excessively. Because this does not change excessively, I think that the person who is felt that it is not funny, it is. Or, Because while it is unique style conversely it becomes the adult I think that the person who feels charm it is.

  7. Green turtle price is cheaper very

  8. As for the Green turtle there are times when it is sold for 500 Yen or less. Mud turtle when being cheap even, costs about 3000 Yen.
    But Mud turtle the necessary quantity of the ultraviolet ray is little, Mud turtle excessively does not become large And As for the Mud turtle Keeping is possible with the 60cm tank. From thing above. Thinking from the Keeping environment which it prepares, I think that finally Mud turtle one Green turtle compared to are times when Keeping cost becomes low.