Leopard Tortoise
Scientific name : Geochelone Pardalis

Leopard Tortoise

The habitat of Leopard Tortoise

South Africa and east Africa.

The feed of Leopard Tortoise

Vegetable, fruit, succulent.

The size of Leopard Tortoise

Maximum 70cm.

The Keeping temperature of Leopard Tortoise

The tortoise likes drying.

The activity of Leopard Tortoise

Leopard Tortoise in the turtle is be active.

The tortoise eats also growth quickly often.

As for Leopard Tortoise when it passes 20cm, the meal quantity decreases gradually, it seems that also growth becomes slow.

Leopard Tortoise is the kind which originally becomes large. Because the turtle moves well, the noon when it puts out to the outside, becomes also sunlight bath and motion is good.

Most it has been accustomed to me in the tortoise which I have raised.

As for the individual where I have raised, I returning from work, when my sign is felt, the tortoise coming out from midst of the cage, the tortoise turns around me round and round.

Perhaps the tortoise which grows largely, it is accustomed to the human well.

When name is called, the extent which comes near to the owner it seems that the tortoise which is accustomed.
(After all that turtle seems like large-sized kind)

The note of Leopard Tortoise

It makes inside the cage dry.

Lowest being, Tortoise one time warm has the necessity to bathe in week.

I warm have bathed every morning tortoise.

Thinking of that the tortoise grows largely, it is necessary to raise.

Because it is possible to be temporary, such as garden and veranda when it cannot make the environment which can put out outside, as for Keeping it is necessary to abandon.

As for Leopard Tortoise in order for the mentally and physically strong solid matter to be many in comparison with the other tortoise, I think.