Laughter paddybird piyopy
oOoOo. Please download Piyopy.oOoOo

Laughter paddybird Piyopy is a free program to change by the OS after Windows 95.

You can use it as a screensaver in Windows95,98,Me.

A parent bird lays an egg and a young bird is hatched and leaves the nest.

When you input a mouse or a keyboard, piyopy is finished. (when you move some mouse, piyopy is finished.)

A program compresses it in a Zip form.

DownLoad (Please waite 3 minutes.)

Please choose "Open".

A person of making: Takashi Hisada

thank you.

I put a wish, and I made piyopy so that the world became peaceful.

A mother bird helps a young bird.

When a young bird falls, a young bird returns to an egg again.

A young bird gets sick for the middle leaving the nest, and eyes become white, and a falling young bird sometimes appears.

The fledgling whom I played a trick on elsewhere sometimes plays a trick on other fledglings.

When a young bird fell, a soul of the young bird which has died is born and helps the soul if other young birds fell.

However, a soul of a young bird is wasted unless I can help other young birds.

The world of piyopy all helps each other.

piyopy is a heart of Takashi Hisada.