Russian tortoise
Scientific name :Trsudo horsfiedii

Russian tortoise

The habitat of Russian tortoise

Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Pakistan and China.

The feed of Russian tortoise

Vegetable, fruit.

As for Russian tortoise where I have raised, avoiding meal of occasionally several weeks is done being able to raise it is, but without problem.

The feed of Russian tortoise


The Keeping temperature of Russian tortoise


The activity of Russian tortoise

Russian tortoise moves well. As for Russian tortoise there are times when it walks without either the purpose which searches the feed.

Appetite is moderate.

The Russian tortoise where I have raised, often, does the avoiding meal of cause obscurity temporarily.

When the Russian tortoise has done avoiding meal, the moisture from the vegetable cannot be replenished.

Therefore, always the fresh drinking water is installed inside the cage, probably will be.

When avoiding meal of the tortoise long term becomes (1 weeks or more), as for warm bath it is necessary brief (2~3 amount) to do.

Russian tortoise the shell is round, but also character is round.

As for Russian tortoise like and the sunlight bath which hide.

The note of Russian tortoise

Because color of the shell is the difference with each individual, when the individual which likes is not, the one which it refrains from buying is good.

Recently arrival having decreased, unless now you buy, the salesman that you cannot raise. But, Russian tortoise seems that arrives constantly.

Most Keeping is easy in the tortoise. Because Russian tortoise excessively does not become large, the male be completed is in the beginner.

It probably will make inside the cage dry basically.

Russian tortoise is strong in low temperature, but ultraviolet radiation is necessary. (Low temperature is about 25℃ or less)

Russian tortoise under growing wild is a habit which digs the hole. Therefore, as for Russian tortoise when there is a place where it hides it settles.

Lowest being, Tortoise one time warm has the necessity to bathe in week.

I warm have bathed every morning tortoise.

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