Indian Star Tortoise
Scientific name : Geochelone Elegans

Indian Star Tortoise

The habitat of Indian Star Tortoise

India,Pakistan,Sri Lanka

The feed of Indian Star Tortoise

Vegetable, in fruit and nutrition assistance those of animal quality.
(Possibility of omnivorous is high.)

The young Indian Star Tortoise likes the feed of animal quality.

Is the animality protein is necessary in growth. But, as it grows, the vegetable matter is given more.

When the feed of animal quality is given too much, because it becomes cause of deformation of the shell, with respect to health it seems the bad way.

When only the vegetable, the little protein is given, also there is an example which state well is raised.

But, perhaps the young turtle about one time it should have given the dog hood and the feed of the myna to the snack in 1 weeks.

While observing the form of the shell carefully, please give the quantity of the feed of the myrmecophile animal quality to that individual.

I give boill vegetable marrow, tortoise food, and a little dog food.

I mix boil vegetable marrow, tortoise food, and a little dog food.

I soak tortoise food and dog food in advance.

Star tortoise very much eat the mix feed.

I looked at star tortoise eat small insect.

Wild Young star tortoise lives in the forest.

I think that wild star tortoise eat a little insect.

Of course, I should give many vegetable mainly.

The size of Indian Star Tortoise


Growth of Indian Star Tortoise is slower than tortoise of large-sized kind.

The Keeping temperature of Indian Star Tortoise

30℃. A little, it seems that likes high temperature but is humidity is necessary.

It is bad to be muggy.

The activity of Indian Star Tortoise

Indian Star Tortoise is the tortoise of calm character.

Indian Star Tortoise is nervouser than tortoise of large-sized kind. Therefore, not touching.

When it touches one time body, the time when other tortoise compared to it gets going is long.

It influences also the change of environment, from the turtle of other kind, mental, even physically.

When environment is changed, it seems that the time when the intake quantity of the feed decreases temporarily, has gone to bed becomes long.

The turtle of other kind compared to, it seems that is moved the change of season by sensitively.

When season changes, there are times when activity decreases temporarily.

In the tortoise, most the shell is clean.

As for Indian Star Tortoise into the shelter, and the like there is many a thing which hides, is, but it does also sunlight bath.

If you have star tortoise from infant, the tortoise turn to get used environment from over about 15cm, and the tortoise approach to you.

The note of Indian Star Tortoise

It makes inside the cage dry basically, you put As for

Because the water is liked, everyday warm you bathe, or doing the atomizer in morning, it should have increased humidity temporarily .

Under the nature, the young tortoise to hatch in the forest, because it lives, when it dries too much, dehydration is caused.

Because you pass with the forest, perhaps the young tortoise the cadaver of the insect and the animal is eaten.

It seems that likes the feed of animal quality, but with nature conversion as for the tortoise whose operation is slow in comparison with the other animal, as for predation doing the feed of animal quality because it is difficult, with nature conversion I think the feed of animal quality that Indian Star Tortoise do not eat excessively.

Result, with nature conversion, the feed of animal quality is not eaten excessively.

Even in regard to Keeping as for giving the feed of animal quality too much, I think that it is bad healthily.

Indian Star Tortoise likes the extent moisture which is the times when it goes in the water holder for the drinking water.

When it dries in the cage too much, it is bad.

Lowest being, Tortoise one time warm has the necessity to bathe in week.

I warm have bathed every morning tortoise.

It is not to limit to Indian Star Tortoise, be sure to install the shelter and the like and to make the place where it becomes the shade inside the cage.

Star Tortoise is divided into Indian Star Tortoise and Burma Star Tortoise.

If we mention Star Tortoise, normally it seems that points to the thing of Indian Star Tortoise.

Indian Star Tortoise is nervousness. In the shelter, hiding, there is many a thing which sleeps.

Burma Star Tortoise being nervousness, the be active individual is many without it seems.

Burma Star Tortoise is high price than Indian Star Tortoise.

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