Purchase point of turtle(tortoise)

The good pet shop will be found

It maintains inside the store cleanly?
Salesman kindness?
When you do not know the pet shop of the vicinity, please inspect the address of the pet shop with the telephone directory.
There is some smell inside the store, but the shop of terrible smell goes management of the creature and when it has not reached it is not mainly recommended.
Isn't the turtle being inserted in the cage which is not either 2 times that length of the shell of the turtle?
Isn't the Keeping water dirty? Are the droppings removed?
Are the heater and the insulative light installed?
The insulative light, the film heater and the ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION fluorescent light, as for the feed of the turtle is there a store?
Because, there is a store which is not the necessary supplies even at the store which sells the expensive turtle please note.
As for the large-sized comprehensive pet shop selling the turtle and the Keeping instrument cheaply, is good. But, when the salesman you do not know excessively concerning the thing of the turtle, because it is, please note. The reptilia specialty store is detailed concerning the thing of the turtle.

How to choose the turtle

I think that the selection of turtle or tortoise, is first problem. The turtle is longevity. Therefore, I think that you should choose prudently.
Also it is good to choose the turtle(tortoise) which it likes in pet shop. Beforehand, you inspect with the book and the net when, whether the turtle(tortoise) of some kind of type is, it is better. Because it is the creature, impression of the photograph and the real thing is different. But, you should inspect the type of turtle.
There is also a method of ordering. But, when it is not the turtle(tortoise) where you imagine, it is. Therefore, you should convey impression of the desired turtle(tortoise) to the salesman. Because as for A the kind which becomes large is, you should note. If the turtle(tortoise) becomes large, you must enlarge either the tank or the cage. Therefore, as for you it should inspect the turtle(tortoise) becomes which extent large.

The environment which raises the turtle will be arranged

Before you purchase the turtle(tortoise), it installs in the room which raises the tank or the cage. Keeping the totoise installs Insulative light, thermo- stud, film heater and ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION fluorescent light, plate of drinking water in the cage. The paper recommends the flooring of the cage.
Keeping the turtle installs Insulative light, thermo- stud, and ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION fluorescent light in the tank. When the gravel is inserted in the tank, it is expensive, but the filtration gravel recommends.
When making the deep place with the big tank, it is possible and to install the filtration filter, Keeping environment becomes good. The external type filtration filter recommends. But external type filtration filter is expensive. The external type big filtration filter is better. When the sponge has entered mainly in the filtration filter, the sponge is removed and, please insert the filter medium. Because the sponge is cheap, it has entered in the external type filtration filter mainly. The effect filter medium one is higher than the sponge.
You thinking of the growth of the turtle which you raise, should choose the cage or the tank.

When purchasing the turtle, note.

Case the desired turtle is not to the shop, if it orders, it arrives. Price of the turtle is different very much in the classified by kind. It is sold cheaply as for those and the like which have the scar in the body as a B class item even in the same kind. (Think conversely, if there is a scar in the aim turtle, that it makes to the reason cheaper than price of indication, the possibility is high.)
As for the turtle with the child and the adult there are also times when the beam of price is different. (The adult is higher.)
When the turtle which you want is as the store, the minimum it checks whether the skin does not hurt, whether it can designate to open the eye securely. When this time, the turtle is made to produce to outside the cage, you can observe securely. As for producing the turtle selfishly to outside the cage, the one which is stopped is good, probably will be. Asking to the salesman, it has giving the feed to the turtle, vigor often eats observes.
When it orders the turtle, most returns probably are unreasonable. As for first fault when it orders, small thing such as color of the shell does not understand. Price when ordering, the salesman teaches approximately price to you.

When the turtle reaches

When the turtle reaches. If even with the turtle of the kind which is skillful swimming, the turtle whose still 2~3cm is young, as for the depth of water making shallow, in order to be able to go to the land place and the water place the turtle freely, please arrange environment.
Trying doing the feed in the turtle, Does the turtle eat the feed? When the turtle does not eat the feed, type of feed is changed. When the formula feed the manufacturer is different, the turtle does not eat or does not eat. Generally, when the turtle does not eat the formula feed, please give the small sardine and the like. When even then the turtle does not eat, the shrimp and the cyprinodont which live are done.
When it is tortoise, please find the feed which tortoise eats in the same way as the turtle quickly. I think that most tortoise eat the Komatsuna and the chingenesai. But, eating the formula feed for a long time with the pet shop, in case of the tortoise which was brought up, because only the formula feed which tortoise ate with the pet shop there are times when the tortoise does not eat please note.

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