Feed of tortoise

Most tortoise are herbivorous. Komatuna, Chingensai, leaf of Daikon is given. Occasionally, the fruit and the like is given to the snack. The animality feed the small quantity it should have given about one time to the tortoise in week with the kind the way it seems. But, when the animality feed is given too much, the shell becomes deformed or the strain increases. It is not good even healthily. (Animality feed. Dog feed and feed of myna)
It seems that with also just the formula feed is good, but I think that it is good to give the fresh vegetable mainly. Making soft with the water, it gives the dog feed and tortoise feed. X includes the protein mainly and there is a tendency where growth of the turtle becomes quicker than the vegetable.
Therefore, the frequency which gives tortoise feed is put in place in the turtle whose growth is slow perhaps the leprosy which does to be.


Feed of turtle

The turtle is carnivorous or polyphagia.
The feed which turtle eat has been decided in the kind of turtle, approximately. But, in order for environment before the arriving to influence rather, being similar, it seems that is the feed which turtle eat or do not eat. It seems that in the difference of the manufacturer of the formula feed, turtle eat or do not eat.
Giving the feed of multi types to the turtle, as much as possible, when balance of nutrition you raise well, it seems the good way.

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