Knowledge of turtle(tortoise)

  1. The young turtle(tortoise) raises at high temperature more than adult of turtle(tortoise).

  2. When you raise from the young turtle(or tortoise), it is accustomed to the person well.

  3. As for the young turtle(tortoise) there is no physical strength in comparison with the turtle(tortoise) of the adult. Therefore, to be easy to destroy physical condition mortality rate is high.

  4. The young turtle needs the ultraviolet ray more than turtle(tortoise) of adult.

  5. There are times when favorite the feed is different even in the turtle(tortoise) of the same kind.

  6. If you give cabbage to tortoise, Tortoise do not grow up to big.

  7. The turtle when the body it is touched different from the dog and the cat feels stress. Therefore, to the body of the turtle touching, it is not good. The person who just looks at the turtle and cannot be satisfied is not faced to Keeping the turtle.

  8. The turtle(tortoise) as you raise, gradually is accustomed to the person, but, the turtle(tortoise) of the same kind being, there is a difference.

  9. Generally, the turtle of polyphagia when being young, is meat diet tendency, and, the turtle of polyphagia as you grow older, becomes herbivorous tendency.

  10. The turtle(tortoise) exuviates. But, because you exuviate little by little, we do not become aware.

  11. As for the partial food of the turtle(tortoise) time is required, but there are times when it heals.

  12. When propagating the turtle, as for the kind which hibernates when you hibernate, the possibility of succeeding is high. (As for the turtle of the kind which does not hibernate originally there is no relationship.)

  13. The turtle the human similarly there is an affinity. Therefore, being the male and female, there are times when cannot propagate.

  14. The sex chromosome of the male and the female does not exist in the spermatozoon and in the difference of temperature becomes the male, or becomes the female.

  15. As for the turtle there are times when the droppings are eaten.

  16. The turtle drinks the water in the tank. Therefore, when the Keeping water is dirty, because the water is not drunk, it becomes dehydration.

  17. As for the tortoise at the time of warm bath there are times when the water is drunk.

  18. There are times when it dies suddenly even with the circumstances where the turtle is vigorous.

  19. When you become aware, that we condition of the turtle are bad, it is advancing the sickness of the turtle very.

  20. The tank large extent is good.

  21. When the obstacle is made, the turtle(tortoise) overturning are times when it dies.

  22. When there is an obstacle and there is a place where it hides, the turtle settles.

  23. The turtle when it grows, goes to the gradually deep place.

  24. Turtle(tortoise) independence Keeping is better than mixed living Keeping.

  25. Inserting turtle 2 or more in the small tank, when you have raised, the same kind being, turtle feel stress and fight.

  26. When mixed living Keeping is done, when the turtle whose condition is bad is, because there is a possibility of being infected the one which is isolated is good.

  27. As for the night the person who raises in the same way as the nature in low temperature is good, the mistake.

  28. Moving the strong turtle to the other place, after the weak turtle ate the feed, you should have reset the strong turtle to the tank. When it lives together raises, because it is related strength, you verify whether the weak turtle(tortoise) eats the feed securely.

  29. By the kind, approximately character has been decided, but it is different depending upon the individual.

  30. The turtle of the same kind being, color of the shell, shape of the shell, pattern of the shell is different depending upon the influence of heredity and the environmental influence.

  31. The turtle like the dog when name is called, the extent which reaches the point where it comes near the turtle which is accustomed it is.

  32. Tortoise very smell than turtle.

  33. When changing the water, you pay attention to water temperature.

  34. Life feed the water becomes dirty above the formula feed.

  35. When life feed is given to the turtle, it becomes motion and is good healthily.

  36. The turtle of the adult eats the big insect the cicadas way.

  37. The turtle whose swimming is good and the turtle whose swimming is not good are.

  38. At just size of the turtle, as for age of the turtle we do not understand.

  39. Keeping the group of turtles with the completely same environment, there are times when it is difference in extent of growth depending upon the individual.

  40. Content of the shell almost is the lung.

  41. As for the tortoise about the individual which grows there are times when it is sold with high price. As for the turtle excessively there is no relationship.

  42. Price is different even in the turtle of the same kind.

  43. The tortoise staple food of the fresh vegetable is better than the formula feed.

  44. When giving the formula feed to the turtle, when the egg shell powder is mixed, it becomes replenishment of calcium.

  45. Rather than irradiating the ultraviolet ray fluorescent light, the outside sunlight several hours is poured the one which effective.

  46. When the turtle when it grows, reaches the point where it rises to the land, conversely, grows the kind which reaches the point where almost it lives at underwater is.

  47. Mud turtle excessively does not need the ultraviolet ray in comparison with the turtle of other kind.

  48. Because the spinach, Shaw acid is included, it does not give to the tortoise.

  49. It becomes cause of infection and is bad to eat the droppings.

  50. When the turtle everyday is inserted in the bath, although to become satisfactory physical condition is maintained difficult in the constipation, it is good.

  51. The individual which dislikes warm bath it is.

  52. Because as for warm bath the one which does during morning, can warm the body which nighttime cools down quickly, it is good.

  53. Because warm bath of nighttime causes the turtle which sleeps, it is not good.

  54. Warm bath of nighttime wakes up the turtle which sleeps, because it does, it is not good.

  55. After doing the feed in the turtle, the insulative light it goes out directly and it is not good to reduce temperature.

  56. When producing the tortoise to field, because there are times when anything except the food is eaten you note.

  57. When the majority of the foliage plants eats, because those which become the poison are many when producing the tortoise to field, you note.

  58. When the turtle is raised with the small tank, stress with cause, are times when even in gentle kind it becomes atrocious.

  59. The turtle passes with stress and becomes the food symptom, or it becomes the anorexia.

  60. Stress of the turtle, is thought that there is mental influence and environmental influence in the same way as the human.

  61. When the Keeping water is drunk, the soiling of the water you understand.

  62. Daily your room cleaning prevent a stink. But I think that joss stick (Senkou) deaden the stink.

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