Yellow Mud Turtle
Scientific name : Kinosternon flavescens


Yellow Mud Turtle
The habitat of Yellow Mud Turtle

USA. Mexico.(Swamp and river.)

The feed of Yellow Mud Turtle


Meat(Lever,The meat which does not have the oil is given)

Fish and shrimp (dry shrimp), water plant, formula feed, drying fish, small Shellfish.

Yellow Mud Turtle eat regardless often.

The size of Yellow Mud Turtle

15 - 20 centimeters.

Yellow Mud turtle seems that growth stops with approximately 15cm.
The individual which exceeds 15cm rarely it is.

As for my turtle, growth has stopped at 10 centimeters.

The Keeping water temperature of Yellow Mud Turtle

I raise at 25-30.The heater is needed.

The activity of Yellow Mud Turtle

Yellow Mud Turtle like sunlight bath, All times of one day.

My turtle, other than the time when the feed is searched, most times, has risen to the land place.

But, as for the Yellow Mud turtle which is happened to see with the pet shop, always it is in the water.

The female is placid, as for the male is an atrocious tendency.

That if I think whether it has done motionlessly, starting swimming suddenly,
conduct being abrupt, it is the character which does not grow tired.

Originally it aestivate and hibernate.
It seems like the turtle which like basically, to have done motionlessly.

The note of Yellow Mud Turtle

Keeping is easy.

Yellow Mud Turtle like sunlight bath, but there are also times which swim actively and turn.
Making the deep place with the tank of large texture.

Because the sunlight you bathe, be sure to install the land place.

When it starts swimming once, there are also times which 20~30 amount swim and turn.

Color of the shell is different in each individual, ocher and navy blue etc rather.

Because as for the male the atrocious individual is many, as for mixed living Keeping the one which is not done is good, probably will be.

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